Each month we will be providing you with “Household Reminders” to keep your home safe and in tip-top running condition. With August fast approaching, we wanted to share this tip so you can calendar it for August 1st.


Where there’s smoke… 

If you’re like most people you don’t give your fire extinguisher a second thought… until you need it.

Give yourself real peace of mind by performing a quick visual inspection, checking the pressure, and making sure that your fire extinguisher is in an accessible place should you need it in a hurry.

What?A fully charged and maintained fire extinguisher is essential to keep your home safe.Why?When you need it, it had better work.How?Visually check the pressure gauge to make sure it is in the optimal zone. Recharge or replace the extinguisher if necessary.

Don’t hesitate to call me at (209) 201-7870 if you need assistance locating a fire extinguisher specialist from my network.

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